Posted by: bringitup | September 11, 2010

Aftonbladet – possibly the sickest newspaper in Sweden

The young Sweden Democrat David van Arnold Antoni was tortured in his home last night and Aftonbladet’s response is to continue their hectic campaign of painting the party and its symphatizers as Nazis

We can here see the news about how David had a swastika cut into his forehead but Aftonbladet continues on with other news right under this one, with news of alledged Nazi-symphatizers in the party and how they want to stop Muslims from entering Sweden.

What Aftonbladet and its sick crew of wicked fools, calling themselves “journalists”, are doing right now could be seen as justifying the horrendous attack against a Swedish politician.

Such complete irresponsibility have I seldom seen. A man who barely escaped an attack on his life and had to endure a night of painful torture, certianly much because of the way Aftonbladet, among other newspapers, have been reporting about the Sweden Democrats.

If an individual of the Left party would have gone through the same chain of events as David had to, would Aftonbladet for a moment even consider to run news about alledged connections to radical communist movements?

No. They wouldn’t for a moment – most likely they would once again try to tell the story about the “horrific Sweden Democrats” and their followers.

Swedish media and Aftonbladet are hitting new lows on a daily basis it seems.

This is exactly how Pim Fortuyn was murdered: The media campaigns in Holland and all over Europe made him a legal target. Two attacks against David so far, many more against the Sweden Democrats and the media continues like a hectic psychopath to agitate the dogs against the party, its politicians and its followers.

How long will it take before someone gets killed?

And what would the media’s reaction be in that case?

I hope there are many Swedes who will prove, on election day, that this dirty campaign by the media and the other parties, was for nothing.

I hope David recovers from this attack, the young man has gone through a lot already, and that for exercising his democratic rights.

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