Posted by: bringitup | August 30, 2010

The Finnish-Somali community’s disloyalty

The people of Finland had to go through quite shocking news on Sunday when the Finnish newspaper Helsinging Sanomat reported that families in the Somali community have sent in applications to get foster children from Somalia.

That people are seeking to get foster children from other countries is probably not shocking in itself, but anyone who isn’t completely naive knows that this is one way to get masses of their people into a Western country and to then have the working taxpayers pay for their life.

And ‘masses’ is probably the right word in this case; the fact is that almost every Somali family in Finland has sought to get foster children into the country. As the overwhelming majority of these are girls the authorities suspect that the Somali community is now smuggling in wives for the men already in the country, potentially even becoming the second wife of some Somali men.

It’s in other words very evident that Finland’s liberal system is now used to its very limits for human trade.

The most disturbing fact in this story is that the authorities are bound by the new liberal legal procedures, of the current government, which means that all these applications must be taken seriously. The time limit for the legal procedures are 9 months, and as the authorities have stated that there aren’t enough resources to take care of them all within that time limit, all those applications that grow old will automatically be approved.

Finland, as the EU country with the most liberal immigration policies, will even fly in these new citizens from Somalia and the ones who foot that bill as well are of course the Finnish taxpayers, who certainly will have to deal with other problems in the future.

So this is the beauty of multicultural immigration: A new community with low employment levels which is unvilling to assimilate into the general society and on top of it all deliberately abuses the people that accepted them into their country.

The politicians do of course not take any responsibility for what’s taking place although this is the result of their work and they’ve even admitted that things aren’t as they should be.

The Finnish newpaper Iltalehti went as far as saying that the country’s immigration minister, Astrid Thors, has completely lost control of the situation.



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