Posted by: bringitup | August 29, 2010

Finland – the country now moving towards the destruction of its society

Finland, the country up in Northern Europe has long been seen as an outpost against the same immigration insanities that has led to the social, economical and cultural destruction of other European countries, such as Sweden.

The unfortunate truth today is that Finland’s politicians have learnt nothing from the mistakes of other countries in Europe – in fact do many politicians and journalists see Sweden as a primary example of a successful immigration policy (!) which is something that the average Finn certainly will have to pay for in the future.

One will once again have to wonder why such steps are being taken although the destuctive force of third world immigration, especially from Muslim countries, is evident.

Somalians, Iraqis and Afghanis are the “New Finns” entering the country and there have already been plenty of problems related to this new wave of immigration.

The Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reported in 2008 that over 40% of the violent crimes in Helsinki were committed by the immigrant community that made up 8,3 % of the total population in the capital. One should also remember that all people born in Finland to immigrant parents were counted as “Finns” in these statistics, which means that crimes committed by those individuals were of course counted as crimes committed by Finns.

The police chief of Helsinki did in the same article conclude that the crimes committed by immigrants are often more brutal and violent than the crimes committed by people of Finnish decent.

Immigrants from Somalia, Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan have an unemplyment rate of over 50%, according to the Finnish statistics bureau in 2008, while the same for the Finnish community was 8,7%, which means that these immigrant communities are a financial burden to the Finnish society, without taking into account that they also commit a lot more crimes.

So why do Finland’s politicians force this immigration onto the Finnish population? That is a question that we could ask regarding quite a few European countries, but the fact is that Finland, formerly known as a fortress in immigration circles, now has one of EU’s most liberal immigration laws and has been spending millions on “Family reunion”-programmes for third world immigrants. The coutry is even flying in these immigrants, mainly from Somalia, despite the fact that these people won’t be an asset but a problem both financially, socially and culturally.

The very basic problem is of course once again that the politician lie and that the media plays along. This is perhaps a heavy accusation, but the fact is that Finland’s immigration minister, Astrid Thors, accused the media of painting a picture of the immigrants being more likely to commit violent crimes, which of course according to her was a lie despite the very telling numbers gathered by the Finnish police.

Clearly, as Thors’ comments show, a politician praising a destructive immigration policy can say anything he or she wants without having to back it up.

Finnish politicians, columnists and journalists have also tried to claim that immigration isn’t a financial issue but a moral one. Where the money and the general publics support should come from in the future doesn’t anyone say.

The Finnish police has announced that Finland is under threat from a similar fate as Sweden is, where crimes have spiraled out of control because of immigration.

This is something that the Finnish politicians still refuse to listen to. The fact is that the mainstream political leadership is made up of individuals living far away from the realities of this destructive immigration. It’s not in their neighbourhoods where immigrant youth rape and assault people, neither do their children go to the same schools as the worst hateful immigrants. That’s something that less fortunate Finns will have to suffer from. The only way these politicians, including Thors, actually will come in some sort of contact with the reality is when their seats in parliament are lost to politicians that are much more hardlined when it comes to immigration.

The signals have been clear from the Finnish population, and as the current politicians still seem to believe that they are just supposed to lead the Finnish people and not listen to it in any matter the True Finns party and similar political groups critical of current immigration policies grow stronger.

We could only hope, for the sake of the Finnish nation, that these groups will gradually gain a lot more strength and support. The next Finnish parliament election is in 2011 and what’s most important is that all these groups hold such a powerful position in the parliament after the elections that they could essentially crush the current immigration insanities that is the result of the current parliament, government and its ministers.


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