Posted by: bringitup | June 25, 2010

The Jews – The canaries in the coal mine ‘Europe’

It was a friend of mine who recently compared the Jews in Europe to the canaries of the old coal mines in Europe and I think that this couldn’t be closer to the reality. We, as the miners, have been forced by our chiefs, the politicans under the banner of multiculturalism, into unknown dark territory. Many of us know that it’s dangerous, some see this as the only way and some ignore the danger despite the accidents and the horrific events that take place, mainly due to the lies that are being told to us.

The Jews have been suffering for years, and so have we, but the evidence that we should take a deeper look at is the horrors and fears that the Jews go through at this stage. They’re no longer at home in Europe and despite their screams for help the political elite is largely ignoring them, labelling anyone who dares criticise the immigration policies and multiculturalism a Fascist.

Does the Jews’ suffering not touch these politicians in any way? Don’t they care?

We could argue that the Jews are some of our best citizens, a people known for their great suffering yet have they managed to turn their community into a light of well educated and responsible citizens.

Why do these poiticians care so much more for the immigrants that turn our cities into ghettos and make the streets unsafe? I don’t know, but the poison of the ideology of solidarity and multiculturalism could be dangerously strong. It’s like a religion for many naive individuals – a religion they refuse to convert from despite the obvious destructive force of it.

Why the Jews aren’t cared for like the immigrants, despite their small number and wounerable position? Could this be because how good European citizens the Jews are? Many on the Left hate the European culture and Europeans in general. They desire to destroy everything European, just like the immigrants, and the Jews are an important cornerstone in the European society and culture.

They hunt the Jews, claiming this is because of what’s taking place in the Middle East, but never do they criticise the dictatorships around the world that hunt weaker individuals who want freedom and democracy. A small Jewish state fighting for survival has somehow become the symbol of evil for these naive individuals who gladly take side with people holding ancient ideas of how a society should work.

The Left tries to claim that they fight for the weak and small individuals, yet can’t they seem to wait until the wounerable Jews have been hunted down and crushed. And that’s just one of the many steps they take in their poitical war on European identity and culture.

This is a battle that we can’t afford to lose, but many people don’t stand up for their own rights out of fear being labelled a Fascist.

People don’t seem to realize that the Jews are only the first ones to suffer this hard at this stage, we will be next. We are the next victims of the poison of multiculturalism, there’s no way we will be spared once the poison has spread out and is thicker than it’s now.

The canaries in the coal mine ‘Europe’ are suffocating and it’s time that we miners wake up before it’s too late.


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  1. Why should we feel sorry for Jews who advocate open border policies for all white western countries but enforce their borders with guard dogs and US weapons. If multiculturalism hurts the Jews it is their own fault for the policies they chose to implement against the will of the native population. Who cares if a bunch of Muslims start pogroms in Europe? The Jews let them through the gate in the first place

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