Posted by: bringitup | June 8, 2010

Record number of assault rapes in Oslo, Norway, all the rapists are non-Westerners

The capital of Norway is once again breaking a record of a non desirable kind: A record number of assault rapes in 2009 – 21 and all of them committed by non-Western foreigners while the victims, in 17 out of 21 cases, was of Norwegian or Scandinavian origin.

So how come that this accepting policy towards immigrants continues on this continent? A 100% of the assault rapes committed by non-Westerners. The irresponsible immigration policies and the politicians are directly to blame; if your actions cause suffering to another human being, by you helping criminals to increase in numbers by letting them in, shouldn’t you answer for your crime?

The fact that politicians never have to answer for their irresponsible decisions is horrifying and anyone who points out that these policies are destructive is very fast labelled “fascist” by those who actually are responsible for a lot of suffering.


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