Posted by: bringitup | June 6, 2010

Immigrant gangs fight in Helsinki Finland

Finland is now increasingly on the list of countries that will be “enriched” by foreign cultures and immigrants.

Linnanmäki, the amusement park in Helsinki had to close their doors for 15 000 people who were enjoying themselves when 2 groups of up to 150 people of immigrant background, decided to fight. It has been confirmed by witnesses that one of the groups consisted of Somalians and the other group possibly consisted of Gypsies. has now been confirmed to be Kurds.

So is now the future of Finnish Sunday culture. People praise the multiculture before they truly understand the consequenses of thousands of uneducated people who completely disrespects our society, ways and culture. They want it their own way and we, once again, pay for it both financially and socially.

No to multiculturalism.



  1. That´s the truth of it.. I think Finland should now start to view the situation alot more seriously, Gone are the days of hospitality,helping out.
    Open your eyes Finland, to the ungreatful,so called,guest to your beautiful country.
    Implement stricter immigration laws and checks.
    Britain and Australia are very tough to get into,without a valid enough reason.. The Boo hoo poor me, excuses just don´t work there..
    Stop the strain on your limited social services economy.. look to help your own and those who have the respect and right to actually work and live in your country..
    Away with these Parasites,, and any wounds that have occured shall surely heal!!

  2. There are so many naive people in power in Europe that you just can’t believe that’s the reality.
    There are closer to 100 million children born into poor families annually, in the world, and for some reason do some people with a liberal immigration agenda believe that we can save the world by opening our doors to the masses.
    These people ruin our society, crimes and violence increase, they are in general extremely disrespectful and hate their hosts and host countries, yet some people want more of them.
    Just because some societies and countries are so primitive and corrupt that they don’t bother to improve the lives of their citizens doesn’t mean these people should be our problem.

  3. Naive is right.. It seems that the only world that they really know is their own back yard.. but speaking of back yards.. If we have a stranger coming to ours,what do we instinctively do?? We are cautious,but polite,at the same time,our senses are open to any possble signs of threat of a hidden agenda.. We can offer infomation,directions,and maybe some physical assistance.. But to invite them in,is a big No, without assertaining what they are really about..
    It seems that these days, if we give some bread, they want to take the whole refrigerater..and then some..

  4. We’ve got to choose our leaders better now and in the future, as previous generations, with their naive agenda of unity around the world (which means that the West should open their doors for immigrants, but God forbid that we would be able to settle in their countries in the same numbers) has artificially generated poverty and crime that we otherwise wouldn’t have, let alone the money we spend on the immigrants just to feed them.
    We can see many neighbourhoods around Europe, that otherwise would flourish, but today crime has crushed property values and investment is inexistent. And these areas spread the more of these poor and hateful individuals settle here.
    Let’s just hope that stronger and more intelligent leaders don’t end up the same way as Pim Fortuyn – he could have begun paving a way for a better Netherlands but the media and political opponents literally gave a green light to kill him by labelling him a fascist.

  5. dont make the mistake we made during the good times in ireland.mass migration of nigerians,togolese,moroccans,kenyans,and somalis from africa,brazilians from south america,rumanians,lithuanians,latvians,poles and slovaks from eastern europe,as well as moldovans,georgians,portuguese has turned irelans into a multi ethnic noghtmare.witness one dead and one wounded in kilkeel,a small town in the northe of my country as lithuanian gangs clash.innumerable instances of murder and mayhem all over ireland with lithuanians.similiarly rumanians-murder,assault,credit card scamming,robberies- nights ago one had his arm chopped off with a machette in dublin.we have indian gangs telephone scamming and iraquis custom robbing cars for export.the county is full of romanis from rumania,bosnia,and slovakia who are costing the taxpayer huge amounts of money to control their crime sprees,and claiming of social welfare.the other night kenyans started abusing my wife os a fast food joint.when we managed to calm them down they started with the nigerians on the door.police were called.we have had enough.dont go our way finland,you have a beautiful country,keep it that way.

  6. I hope Finland and many other European nations don’t make the same mistake as many other Western nations have made, but unfortunately quite a few people in power seem to follow the twisted idea of “world solidarity”, which essentially means that the West should keep their borders open for everyone.

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