Posted by: bringitup | March 31, 2010

Anti-Semitism increasing in Norwegian schools

The Jew-hate is increasing also in Norwegian schools. The suffering that the Norwegian immigration policies, much like those in other countries in Europe, is spreading among the Jewish citizens is nothing but disgusting and yet these immigrants are allowed to enter Norway despite bringing little more than hate.

The Norwegian newspaper has spoken to some Jews living in Oslo about their daily lives. This is one horrific story, by a Jewish father about what happened to his son on his way home, that tells about the increasing hate the Jews have to suffer from:

“He was stopped by a gang of older guys who asked him; “Aren’t you a Jew” and when he said “yes” they were going to physically hang him in the forest because he was a Jew. He managed to get away, how he doesn’t know today, and ran home.”

God knows what could have taken place, but to the policians that would hardly have been anything but just a victim of far to common violence and nothing to be related to their own multicultural project.

NRK has also spoken to teachers in Norwegian highschools about the anti-Semitism they’ve witnessed and many of the teachers said that they are convinced of that many of the students get their views from radio and satellite TV.

Teacher 1, female

“There’s notorious hating of Jews. Everything from jokes to open racism. “It’s in the Koran that you must kill the Jews, all Muslims hate Jews, right. Jews should be killed if they come here to this school”, have the students said. To praise Hitler, for what he did with the Jews, is another classic case among students at my school. The worst thing about this is that Jew-hatred has been completely legitimate in large groups of pupils with a Muslim background.

Teacher 2, male:

“I see a Jew hatred, especially in social studies lessons. Students say the Jews control everything, the entire West is controlled by Jews. Several also said that they admire Hitler because he killed Jews. “The Jews stood behind the attack on the Twin Towers in New York on 11 September 2001”. If someone in my class says they support terrorism,  there are some who protest, but if someone expresses Jew-hatred, no one protests. “

Teacher 3, female

“Several students sneer when I talk about the Holocaust. A boy stood up and commanded me to stop talking about Jews and the Holocaust. Most of these kids are born and raised in Norway. I find it shocking that it’s possible to grow up in Norway with such attitudes. “

Teacher 4, male

“”‘Fucking Jew ‘ is an often used sentence during my lessons. If I had been a Jew, I would have felt it very offensive. These statements are a big problem. “

So is this the future of the Jews all around Europe? Hate and despair, not allowed to feel at home anywhere, even if many of these people probably have just as long blood lines in our countries as many of the politicians who don’t care about these citizens while selling out the country.

It’s disturbing and it’s a sad story.

What you then could ask yourself is when will the Norwegians themselves feel less at home in Norway?

Source: NRK


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    С одной стороны сообщение интересное, но с другой очень мало фактических обоснований...

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