Posted by: bringitup | March 29, 2010

Rapes in Sweden 1988-2009

I have here put together the statistics from the Swedish “Brottsförebyggande rådet”: The number of reported rapes from 1988 to 2009 and the figures, as you can see, are horrific.

In 2009 there were 5879 reported rapes versus 5446 in 2007 and 4749 in 2006. The first really big swing upwards from 2631 reported rapes to 3787 is between 2004 and 2005.

Although there aren’t any figures, that I’ve found, that would show the ethnic background of the perpetrators I’m absolutely certain of that this is related to the increasing number of mainly non-European immigrants.

Note that Sweden’s population has only increased by about 10,4% since 1988 (from 8 458 888 to 9 340 682) while the number of reported rapes have increased by a chocking 341,4%  from 1332 to 5879, during the same period.

So what will the policians do about this? Looking at the graphs it’s clear that the Swedish society will have to suffer from an increasing wave of rapes until the policians and the media actually recognize that there is something very wrong with the Swedish society, but thinking of their ignorance, so far, I doubt that the ones in power actually will do something about it.

Sweden will continue to suffer until the people wakes up, which to some extent has been taking place, but due to the extreme political correctness of the Swedish media, a large portion of the Swedish citizens are unaware of what’s going on. Even last year when the rape statistics, of 2008, showed the horrifingly high number of rapes, the Left-wing newspaper Aftonbladet proudly stated that the Swedes were more willing to report rapes, than people in other countries, and that alcohol had a lot to do with the higher numbers.

The problem is that they never had a look at (or atleast reported) the rape figures of previous years and instead tried to compare themselves to countries that, not only have a high number of reported rapes, but also a high number of non-European immigrants. And in the name of political correctness the journalists refuse to use common sense and throw their old glorious ideas of multiculturalism in the waste basket. They are simply unwilling to see the connection between increasing violence and the increasing number of immigrants with a completely different view on society than people have in the West.

We could only hope that these figures will open the eyes of people all around the world in time and that the Swedish government won’t ban statistics like these, or make them non-public.

I was going to make one graph on the increase in the numer of reported assaults in Sweden (an increase from 37 511 in 1988 to 85 896 in 2009), but I’ll do that another day. I’m feeling a bit tired after having had a look at these figures.


Brå –

Aftonbladet –

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