Posted by: bringitup | March 26, 2010

Muslim immigration and the politicians of Europe

We have all seen the statistics on how a several European countries are set to become majority Muslim states within a few decades. We have seen the statistics on the growing number of crimes, including extremely disguisting gang-rapes, that take place all over Europe. We see how areas are turned into ghettos and how anti-Semitism grows.

And yet, our politicians do absolutely nothing about it. “Why?” have I asked myself many times, since I woke up and dropped my own glorious ideas of multiculturalism that had been rooted in my mind through my teenage years. One would imagine that at some point even the dumbest and even blindest fool would have woken up to see how our lives are turned into yet more misery by these “welfare tourists” who want to force their backwards culture upon us.

I don’t know why but I could always guess; this probably is because the people, many of who we today call our leaders who deny this problem, don’t face the same world, on an everyday basis, that we do. They are normally very wealthy and they live in areas where these problems don’t exist. For them it’s much more real and much more frightening that they might not get elected during the next elections, causing them to lose a great chunk of their influence and “well earned” incomes, than that some immigrants terrorize some poor people’s  neighbourhood far away in another city. Many leaders we have today grew up during the 60’s and 70’s solidarity movements, which greately affected their view of the world: A world in which the Western sphere will always be the evil one, no matter what – not even if the Western world still today is the only place where people from all over the world can enjoy human rights. This is something that the policians through their ignorance now are challenging; by ignoring the threats by people, who hate our society, they’re threattening our human rights.

Because of the European politicians’ actions, one is very justified in claiming that Europe today is nothing more but a naive little fool, trying to be everyones’ friend, not noticing how everyone is just playing with us and taking everything for granted.

I don’t believe that every Muslim is an enemy, but the actions of our policians and the voices of the media are allowing the dangerous individuals to settle in Europe and multiply throuh their agenda of hate.

The positive thing is that new winds are blowing in Europe, the discussion is open about multiculturalism much thanks to individuals such as Pim Fortuyn, Aylaan Hirsi Ali, Theo van Gogh and Geert Wilders. Fortuyn was murdered in 2002, by a Dutch leftwing extremist and Van Gogh in 2004 by an Islamist and I do blame the media for treating both men like something dangerous to our society, making them practically legal targets to any terrorist out in the street, although they were the ones warning us of the real dangers.

Now we will have to see wether Mr Wilders, painted as a Fascist by much of the media and the opposition, will go down the same way as Fortuyn and van Gogh. And will the opposition and the media once again act like they did in the cases of Fortuyn and van Gogh and claim that their influence had nothing to do with what took place?

The media and the policians are responsible for what is taking place today; the Islamists and other individuals, who hate our society but wants a piece of the wealth without deserving it, would have no power to act against us if we defended ourselves and made it clear that anyone who wants to crush these values isn’t welcome among us.


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