Posted by: bringitup | March 12, 2010

Malmö, the immigrants and the ‘old news’

Yesterday I wrote about the growing anti-Semitism in Malmö due to the increasing Muslim population and how that now forces the city’s Jewish citizens to move in order to escape harrassment and threats. One of the most dusturbing things is that there were many people who, for a long time, have seen this coming but their attempts to inform the public about their views have been labelled everything from “exaggerations” to “Fascist”.

The main problem with  the media and its journalists and most importantly; the politicians is that they aren’t the ones suffering from the violence like those who live among the immigrants, those who have got opinions on Islam, not seen as politically correct, and even worse; suffer from the same sort of harrassment and stigmatization as the Jewish communities. And during the last decade it has become increasingly accepted to draw parallells between any Jewish community, in any part of the world and blame them for what is taking place in the Middle East. This combined with the very onesided reports from the Middle East, which seem to give a much more objective view on Palestinian suicide bombers and Hezbollah missile attacks, than on Israeli responses. The media and the politicians completely ignore the fact that a weak and soft Israel means no Israel at all. Sure that idea would please many people in this world, but isn’t anything that I would see as a great victory for freedom or political liberty.

The problems with immigration to Europe has been well-covered by some media outlets, political figures and bloggers, including people who themselves have suffered from immigrant violence, but this always seems to hit the wall of political correctness which means that no constructive dialogue has taken place. The consensus has been that immigration is always a good thing, no matter what and no other opinions have been accepted.

Malmö is one of the cities that have been covered quite thoroughly by internet bloggers and many remember the report from Fox News about Malmö and its immigrant population. The reason for this interest is the combination of the well-know idyllic image many have of Sweden, combined with the fact that Malmö stands to become a Muslim-majority city at some point, if the same pattern continues.

I happened to come over an old article, from Sydsvenskan 19th November 2001, which was actually just a collection of quotations by people who moved away from the city that year. Here are a few examples, translated to English:

“I don’t feel at home anymore. Too much criminality. Too much discord between different, Swedish and foreign, groups. I feel that Malmö is an insecure place to live in.”

“”Malmö has become a besieged ghetto area … everyone is thinking it but nobody is allowed to say it, but the fact remains: the immigrants behave like some *damn* Swedish holiday-makers.”

“I’m Malmö citizen in the heart and is very fond of  ‘my’ city. But unfortunately, I think there are too many immigrants in Malmö. It certainly affects the school in a negative way.”

“When children are attacked in town just because they are Swedes, then it is something that is a sick society.”

These are quotes from November 2001 and now it’s March 2010. That’s a long time and clearly, looking at the situation today, nothing has been done. The politicians have been driven by their own dream of the ideal multicultural society in such an extreme way that they haven’t seen the problems or then they’ve completely ignored them. What we must hope is that Swedens political situation changes in such a way that the country’s mainstream politicians acknowledges the immigration related problems, otherwise Malmö will still be known, among the political elite, as the “successful multicultural city”  regardless of what is going on under the surface. People suffer because of the utopic dreams that many politicians have, just ask Malmö’s Jewish community.

I have below added a video from CBN, on the growing Muslim influence, especially in Malmö. The video might to many be anyting but politically correct, but the fact is that this is the reality and this is not the way it should be.

Sources: “Så tycker utflyttarna om invandrarna” (“The diasporas thoughts on the immigrants”)

The Local: “Jews flee Malmö as anti-Semitism grows”

Fox News: “Swedes reach Muslim breaking point”,2933,139614,00.html

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